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GAEN Protocol Metadata Deanonymization and Risk-score Inflation Issues (CVE-2020-24722)

The TX Power value in the metadata in the beacon of the GAEN protocol used by the corona/contact tracing app allows for attackers to influence risk-score calculations in their favor, the same metadata can also be used to deanonymize diagnosed users based on the type of phone they are using.

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Featured in the Volkskrant

Radically Open Security's CEO Melanie Rieback was featured in the Dutch newspaper "Volkskrant" in an article "The Honest Hacker" by journalist Gerard Janssen. In the article she talks about cybersecurity, collaboration and transparency about the methods used.

Read the article on the Volkskrant website: …

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Remote exploit in crashplan backup server

We're about to get another CVE to our name.

Let's talk a bit on how we found it. One of our customers commissioned a test of their infrastructure. On of their systems was running the Crashplan backup server from Code42, and we found a remote code execution possibility. As luck …

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Melanie Rieback


Radically Open Security has been rolling in prizes, during the last period of time.

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Melanie Rieback

Radically Open Security - 2nd Anniversary!

Radically Open Security is now officially 2 years old… it's hard to believe what a whirlwind this past year has been!

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Melanie Rieback

NetAidKit: protect yourself!

Many people are aware of it by now: protect yourself when you go online! This is especially important for journalists and activists, who are regularly targeted by parties who hope to keep the public in the dark. Protecting your sources, colleagues and yourself from prying eyes is of vital importance. But for many people it is not that easy to set up the tools and take the required measures. This is where NetaidKit comes into play.

Cartoon of the NetAidKit from the Innovation Award created by Michiel van de Pol/

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Melanie Rieback

A busy year

Our first year was turbulent and very successful. Our client base has grown to include critical infrastructure providers, academia, civil rights organisations, financial institutions and more.

Menso Heus and Melanie Rieback accept the Innovation Award on behalf of Free Press Unlimited and Radically Open Security

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Melanie Rieback

Overview of talks in October 2014

Radically Open Security has been busy this past month, presenting at conferences and teaching courses/workshops throughout the Netherlands, and Europe! Here is an overview of our activities in October.

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Melanie Rieback

SBox: Usable Privacy and Anonymity for Journalists

Today I’m excited to let everyone know about a new project to create useful open-source things for the whole community. We’ve been engaged by the Internet Protection Lab - a collaboration between Free Press Unlimited, Hivos and Greenhost - dedicated to preserving press freedom and access to information worldwide. The Internet Protection Lab has asked Radically Open Security to help create technology that allows journalists and activists to connect to the internet safely in an easy way, and we need your help!

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Featured in NRC Handelsblad

CEO Melanie Rieback featured in NRC Handelsblad

Radically Open Security's CEO Melanie Rieback was featured in Dutch newspaper "NRC Handelsblad" in an article "Leave the hacking to the women" by journalist Laura Wismans, talking about the need for female role models in cyber defense.

Article in NRC with interview of Melanie Rieback

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